Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I'd like to start this post by first and foremost saying sorry to everyone for not posting in a REALLY long time. 

Lately, I've had lots of changes in my life and it's been a crazy couple of months. I've started college, met tons of new people, and moved across the country (which let me tell-moving all my things was the realest struggle ever lol!!!)


I hope that you can all accept this apology that I'm extending

As to my blog, I definitely want to keep reviewing books. However, I probably won't be participating in any book tours because my schedule is much more hectic and I realized that it isn't the direction I want my blog to take. I came to this realization after I did a lot of blog tours (all willingly of course because I'm one of those people that signs ups for everything and then tries to figure out how to do it all hahaha) and didn't have as much time for actually talking about the books I had read. 

Therefore, to go back to my original idea of expressing my reactions and ideas about the books I have read I am switching to reviewing books only and not participating in book tours. Thank you all for understanding and I hope you enjoy the new version of my blog!!! I also want to thank all those who have stuck with me through my hiatus- I heart you all!!!

That's it for now but know that I'll definitely be posting soon!!!

(And just because I couldn't find a gif that made sense with him in it I'll just add it here hehehe!)

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