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Interview with Rae Rivers

First and foremost, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! Today is a day filled with lots of love, so basically the best day of the year to read a great love story! If your looking for the perfect book to cuddle up with, I suggest The Keepers: Sienna or The Keepers Archer. I was able to interview Rae Rivers, author of The Keepers Series and here's what she had to say:

Q. Did any event or person in your life inspire you to write The Keepers: Archer and/or The Keepers: Sienna?
A. Not really. I have no idea where the concept came from. I was driving home one day and a witch came to mind with her story – along with her trio of fierce protectors.

Q. Did any person or fictional character inspire the character of Archer? 
A. No, but when I wrote him, I had the face of Channing Tatum in mind with a dark and brooding character.
  P.S-(Great Inspiration!)

Q. If you could go back and rewrite it would you change anything and what?
A. I would have published Sienna first, then Archer. In Archer, the story starts at a time when all the characters are picking up the pieces after a tragic event. It was only after Archer was released that I realized that tragedy had to be told in a story of its own – hence the birth of the prequel. Although Archer was written first, readers who start with Sienna have a much clearer understanding of what happened that fateful night.

Q. What is your favorite scene in the book? 
A. Gosh, that’s hard! I love any scene with Sienna and Archer – they’re so beautiful together. 
     (Yes they are!!!)

Q. What has been the funniest, strangest, or most amazing thing that has happened to you since becoming an author?
A. The entire journey since becoming a published author has been amazing – from the day my publisher contacted me to say they’d like to sign the entire series - pure joy, to seeing my books bouncing around various Amazon Kindle bestseller lists, and of course, receiving feedback from enthusiastic readers who have enjoyed my Keepers. That has been wonderful and something I truly value!

Q. If you could describe your book in 3 words what would they be?
A. Unique. Romantic. Action packed. (See for yourself! J)

Q. Did you always know you wanted to be an author or did it just hit you one day? 
A. I’ve been writing since I was twelve years old so it’s always been something I’ve been passionate about. It was only about a year or two ago that I realized it was something I could possibly achieve as a full time career.

Q. Which character do you find most enjoyable?
A. I adore all my characters for different reasons but I love Declan’s character as he has no filter when it comes to speaking his mind and always seems to spice up the scenes. 

Q. Do you ever get writer’s block? and if so, how do you get over it?
A. I bang my head, watch movies, read books, bang my head, walk away, have a coffee date/brainstorming session with my best friend, bang my head, try again … until I get it right!

Q. What made you want to write a young adult/paranormal book?
A. My characters left me no choice! J Once they began to form in my mind, I had the burning
desire to tell their stories.

Q. If you could have any job in the world what would it be and why.
A. All I’ve ever wanted to do is write. It’s my passion and gives me a natural high every time I lose myself in my stories. Love it!

Q. Do any authors inspire you and/or your writing? 
A. Over the last year I’ve developed many friendships with several authors across the world and they are a constant source of advice, inspiration and encouragement to me. If it weren’t for them, writing would be a lonely process.

Q. If you could trade places with any character in any book which character would it be and why?
A. I’d love to have Sienna’s powers – what fun to be able to manipulate all the elements of nature.

Q. Is there anything in particular you want your readers to know about you or your books?
A. I love to hear from my readers – especially when they’re as passionate about my Keepers as I am! Knowing that my stories have touched someone, somewhere in the world, gives me great joy. Oh, and don’t forget that the first book in the series, The Keepers: Sienna is FREE! Happy reading!

Lightning round!

Q. Twizzlers or Red Vines? 
A. Help! I have no idea what that is!
   (Sorry for the confusion! It's types of candy)

Q. Favorite ice cream flavor?
A. I’ll have a scoop of each one, please!

Q. Best childhood memory?
A. The day I met my husband. Back then we were still in school but I knew without a doubt that we’d be married one day. Best. Decision. Ever. Love him to bits!

Q. Favorite television show?
A. I love Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Revenge, Chicago Fire, Mom,…I’m a TV series junkie! (Sadly, between writing deadlines, I’m falling far behind on most of these!)
     (OMG! I love VD, The Originals, and Revenge too! And I can totally relate with being a TV series junkie!!)

Q. Favorite movie?
A. Up Close and Personal and The Notebook

Q. White, dark, or milk chocolate?
A. ALL of them! 

Q. Best Valentine’s Day memory?
A. I was in school, not expecting anything for Valentine’s Day as I was single, but ended up receiving so many cards, chocolates, poems, and flowers from a variety of anonymous guys. They made me feel so special and I had the most amazing day!

THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH TO MS. RIVERS FOR THIS INTERVIEW!!! It was lots of fun and I hope you all enjoyed it too!

And now a little about her book, The Keepers: Sienna-

Book Description:
A full moon in Rapid Falls. 
Sienna Beckham is a powerful witch, and along with her four fiercely protective Keepers, it is her destiny to maintain the balance of nature in this world. 
Tonight, it's the town carnival and everyone will be there: Sienna's family, her friends, her protectors. 
Laughter and flirtation await. But in a few hours, Sienna's life will have changed forever and her powers stretched to their very limits. For something is lurking in the forest…
Murder. Sorcery. Revenge.
And no one sees it coming. 
Find out how it all began…
The FREE PREQUEL to Rae Rivers' magical new series, The Keepers.

Lightning struck in the distance and a bolt of light flashed through a gap in the trees, highlighting six approaching men. 
Mason’s warriors. 
Sienna’s gut twisted and with quick hand movements, she sent lashes of fire their way. Their shouts of surprise ripped through the night and they scattered. Sienna responded with another round of ammunition that seemed to quicken Mason’s movements.
He tied the rope around the cat’s neck and went to the next one with another bag, repeating the movement. “There was an old witch I met recently in New Orleans,” he shouted above the noise, showing her the bag before fastening it to the third cat. “She was a friend of my mother’s and shares our vision for our kind. She gave me these three bags and I’m itching to see if they work.”
Sienna knew immediately what he meant, felt the hitch in her energy the moment the third bag touched the cat’s neck, and fought to maintain the protection spell. Ashwood. She’d never seen the debilitating herb before, but her mother had once mentioned it. Not well known, it bound a witch’s powers if placed in a triangular form around her. That and Rose Thorn were two herbs every witch dreaded. 
Mason straightened, dusted off his hands and gave her a wide grin that smacked of triumph. Their gazes met across the retreating flames and she kept her back rigid, her head held high. 
“You might temporarily bind my powers, Mason, but you’ve forgotten one thing,” she said with a quiet confidence, even though the circle of fire had begun to wither away. 
“And what’s that, love?”
“My Keepers will come for me.”
“They don’t know where you are.”
“They will find me and they will come for me. Always.” 
The long line of skeletal teeth drew together as his smile lessened. Without the grin, his tattooed deadpan expression was even more eerie, blurring the lines between the living and the dead. His black eyes settled on her with such intensity that her stomach lurched. “That’s exactly what I’m counting on.”

About the Author:
I’m an avid reader and writer with a passion for writing romance novels. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, with my gorgeous husband, two beautiful children and a zoo of house pets. Besides writing, I love family time, the outdoors, travelling, watching TV series, reading and chocolate. For more information about my books, or me, please visit:

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