Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: Found in You

Book Description: Twenty ­three ­year ­old Camryn Singer never imagined that she would return to the place where she lost everything. To grant a dying wish, she moves back to the small Jersey beach town where she grew up, hoping to somehow find the missing pieces of her life. Determined to keep her wounds unopened and her heart guarded, she instead slams head­first into Cole Stevens.
Sexy surfer Cole has always used the waves to numb the pain of his past. But when he runs into Camryn on the beach one day, he wants nothing more than for her to heal his scars and light the spark back in his life.
Will Camryn and Cole be ripped apart when the ghosts from their pasts come back to life, or will they discover that it’s not until you’re lost, that you can be found?

Writing: The writing was spectacular in this book!! From the very beginning the writing captivated me and brought me into Camryn's nightmares. Through Ms. Ruse's writing I was able to experience Camryn's fear, panic, joy, and love right along with her character.

Camryn&Cole: Camryn and Cole's relationship was instantaneous and awesome!! From the first time they meet Camryn wants nothing to do with Cole because he breaks down her walls. Cole on the other hand wants everything to do with Camryn because he's cared about her (maybe loved? lol!!!) for a long time. From that first meeting their relationship just continues to grow and blossom into something beautiful. If I had to pick a quote that would represent their relationship it would be, "It's not a one-time offer"!!!

Lila&Carter: Lila and Carter are funny, flirty, and witty together and they made the book super fun to read. I thought that their relationship was sweet and definitely enjoyed the addition of these two characters!

Camryn: Camryn is haunted by her past and her fear of Todd taking Gavin from her or hurting him. This fear keeps Camryn from recognizing and admitting many things and from moving on with her life. However, I loved reading about her transformation throughout the book and especially about her falling for Cole!!

Cole: COLE!!!! I fell in love with his character from the very beginning! He's confidant, sweet, protective, caring, sexy, and just plain lovable!!! He doesn't take no for an answer and he has a haunting past that makes him mysterious and cautious. I loved learning about his past and how he is able to overcome it.

Gavin: Gavin is Camryn's son and he is about the cutest character ever!! I love that he is included in the book because he brought a new perspective to all of the events in the story. He has an innocent and optimistic view on everything that it just made the book that much more fun to read!

Overall: This is a sweet, romantic, and heart warming story about two people trying to deal with their past while trying to build a future at the same time! I was captivated from the start and as I was introduced to all the characters, I was enthralled by this story even more!! 

Rating: I would give this book a 9 out of 10!!!

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About The Author:
I am a middle school teacher who recently traded in my chalk for a laptop to follow my dream of writing contemporary romance novels. I live with my husband and two daughters in the suburbs of
Philadelphia.When I'm not writing, I spend my time reading and relaxing with my family at my home­away­from­home, the Jersey shore.   After I graduated from Villanova University in 2003, I never imagined my path would lead me in this direction. Writing was a hobby, an outlet for me to live in a world of happily ever after. Now as I watch my dream become a reality, I believe that happy endings do exist.

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