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Review: A Ripple Through Time

3d ripple
Description Provided by Goodreads:
What if an unspoken past finally found its voice? After inheriting a damaged painting and a handful of journals from his grandfather, Ryan, and his girlfriend Natalie, find themselves immersed in a mystery. Ryan is a third generation Naval Academy graduate and Natalie restores paintings. Together, they begin to unravel clues that lead them down a twisting path of raw emotion and vivid memories as they are taken back to the 1940's.

This journey unveils the previously unknown world of WWII veterans Derrick and Jianna, as they face the hardships of war and the reality of sacrifice. Ryan and Natalie uncover an engaging and unpredictable story while experiencing events that bring everything full circle. Two generations are linked through words and brush strokes, casting a ripple through time.
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Story Line: I loved the concept of the book, which is what first drew me in to give an honest review in exchange for a copy of the book. I thought that it was really interesting that the book has two story lines, one that belongs to Derrick and Jianna and one that belongs to Ryan and Natalie. However, even though there were two story lines they were wonderfully interconnected that I never once felt like the two story line were awkward, as I had once thought they would be. I also thought that the author did a fantastic job of incorporating the real life events into the story!

Relationship: I loved reading about Derrick and Jianna's relationship. I loved that they had an almost instant connection to each other and couldn't stop reading the book because I wanted to learn more about their developing relationship. Ryan and Natalie were really sweet as well! (What can I say, it's a romantic book lol!!!) It's super clear that Ryan and Natalie love each other so much that they just made my heart squeeze all through out the book!

Overall: This is a beautifully written romantic and mysterious book that will have you saying "wow" and probably crying at points throughout the book!! I especially loved the journal entries because they were romantic, thoughtful, poetic, and beautifully written. P.S- Just know that you'll forever be wanting letter like these hehehe!!!

Rating: I would give this book a 10 out of 10!!!

About the Author:
In my almost twenty six years on this planet, I have endured more than most would ever dream of.   These experiences have fueled my writing. I’ve created a fictional setting with characters that live out elements of my life that I felt compelled to share.
I have a creative mind and an artistic spirit, and I thrive when there are elements of imaginative spark. My fur babies are my children, and I am an advocate for those that have special needs. I’m a proud Navy wife, and a forever student, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a certification in project management. Being a military wife is a gift; an adventure on its own. So grab a blanket, a steaming cup of tea, and enjoy this journey with me!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. It really made my day! I am so happy you loved the story, and my characters love you back! It is blogs like you that keep us Indie Authors going <3 -T.D.Bogart