Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Take Two

Description Provided by Goodreads: He’s ready for his close up, but she’s the one calling the shots. 

On the night of her graduation from film school, straight-laced Maddie Bauers fell completely out of character for an oh-my-god make-out session with a perfect stranger. Complete with the big O.

Seven years later, that romantic interlude is still fresh in her mind. That stranger is now a rich and famous actor. And she’s one very distracted camera assistant working on his latest production. She might consider another tryst…if he even remembers her.

Micah Preston does indeed remember Maddie. Too bad he’s sworn off Hollywood relationships. He allows himself as much sex as he likes—and oh, he does like—but anything more is asking for trouble. For the woman, not for him. Yet knowing Maddie could want more than a movie-set fling doesn’t stop him from pursuing her like a moth drawn to hot stage lights. 

But as the shoot nears its end, it’s decision time. Is it time to call, “Cut!” on their affair, or is there enough material for a sequel?

Story line: This story begins seven years before when Micah and Maddie first meet, before Micah became famous. It then switches to the present where Maddie finds out that she now has to work with a pompous director that blacklisted her and the devilishly charming player that is Micah. I loved that the story was told in both Maddie and Micah perspective because some scene just need to be told in different points of view. The story took some twist that I hadn't expected but was overall entertaining!!

Relationship: Micah and Maddie had great chemistry from the very beginning that I knew their relationship was going to be explosive. They hit some bumps on the road but they always seem to attract each other again. The book ended their relationship so perfectly that it summed up the seven years that they had pined for each other.

Maddie: Maddie's character was a fresh character in a book about Hollywood. She didn't try taking advantage of Micah and his resources, even going as far as rejecting his help. Her love of movies really came through, which I love to read about. I also loved that she too had such human emotions like love, longing, and jealousy that make her character more than simply just a book character.

Micah: Micah acts all flirtatious and like nothing bothers him; however, underneath all the talk and swagger, Micah is scared of getting hurt. This deep emotion really pulled me into his character and made me love him that much more, even when he went bipolar lol!! His character is charming, sweet, caring, protective, confused, scared, and a little douch baggy (lol!). All these qualities make him do human like that you can't help but fall in love with him too!

Overall: This is a steamy romance from the beginning to the end that will have you falling in love with the characters and experiencing their emotions right along with them!

Rating: I would give this book a 9 out of 10!

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