Thursday, November 28, 2013


In light of it being Thanksgiving I've decided to let all of you know the top things I'm thankful for:

1) I'm EXTREMELY grateful for my parents. They've been through so much in their lives and they've risen up and prospered. They've given up many luxuries for my sister's and my comfort. I don't know what kind of person I would be if they hadn't been such caring and attentive parents. I thank them for all the sacrifices they've made for me, the education and other things they provide for me, and all the  love they've given me!!! 

(This picture pretty much explains our relationship. LOL!!)
 2) Through everything I've been through one constant in my life has been my sister. Even though we fight many times (throughout the day hahaha!) I still respect, admire, and love her. She's not only my sister but a best friend and she's never pushed me off to the side because I'm four years younger than her. I'm thankful she's in my life and for all the support, strength, and love I've gotten from her!!!

3) (Sorry for excluding all other friends besides the ones seen here but I couldn't fit everyone in) I don't think words can ever express how grateful I am to have meet these amazing people I now call friends. Entering high school I was a shy person who had been bullied and didn't talk to people and school had become a place just for learning and not somewhere I particularly liked to be. However, thanks to these amazing people and many more I slowly gained back my confidence, strength, and courage. I never thought I would ever have meet these people and turned out to be so happy with my life. I don't think I'll ever stop saying thank you to everyone of my friends for truly showing me what friendship meant.

4) I am sooooo thankful for books!! They have gotten me through some hard times by letting me escape into other worlds and into the lives of other characters. I'm also thankful for books because I've formed more than one friendship thanks to them. Lastly, I'm thankful for books because they've led me to blogging and meeting new and amazing bloggers, readers, fangirls, and authors!!!

5) Authors are the people who create the books we all love to read about and the characters that we go crazy for. Even though it's a hard job they still manage to impress us and for that I am grateful. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE AUTHORS FOR ALL THE WORK YOU PUT INTO YOUR BOOKS AND YOUR CHARACTERS!!!!

6) Let's just take a moment to admire these incredibly good looking people. Done? Well, I'm grateful for cover models because I'm not ashamed to say that I have read more than one book because of the hot guy on the cover. Thanks to these cover models I have fallen in love with many books and have been able to escape into different words and met people who share the same interests as me!!

7) I'm thankful for the world I live in, while it certainly isn't perfect and could definitely use some improvements I love the beauty of it, the people who make it beautiful, and the feelings associated with it. This world that we live in has seen and will see tragedies but one thing that will always remain is hope. Hope for something better, for things to change and be "perfect". I'm thankful for everything it has provided for me!!

8) Lastly but certainly not least I'm thankful to all of you for making blogging so much fun!!! Thank you for all the comments, views, and encouragement you have all given me. I didn't know what to expect when I first started blogging but after a couple of months I'm completely in love with it and I'm so glad I started. I've met so many amazing people and connected with authors whose books I adore. Thank you all for this amazing gift you've given me; I can now look forward to the many more blogging years to come!!! 

That was my list so now what's yours? What are you thankful for? Leave a comment and know that I would be thankful for it too!!

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