Monday, August 19, 2013

Books That Inspire #2

Welcome to the second Books That Inspire post. If you didn't see the last post then head on over to the archives and see it.

The first on the list of books that inspired me this time is Fallen by Lauren Kate. Below is the scene from the book that inspired me:
              Now, he looked back at the sketch, not ashamed at being caught drawing her, but worse. A cold chill spread through him as he realized that her discovery - the exposure of his feelings- would destroy her. He should have been more careful. It always began like this.     
             "Warm milk with a spoonful of treacle," he murmured, his back still to her. Then he added sadly, "It helps you sleep." (Fallen, page 4)

When I first read this I though, what the heck is treacle? As it turns out treacle is a British term for molasses. Once I knew that, the drink didn't sound so bad and I wanted to try it; however I was hesitant about trying warm milk with molasses and didn't have any at home. So, instead of molasses I used honey and it tasted AMAZING!!! So much so that it is one of my favorite drinks now and I drink it every time I'm watching a Christmas Hallmark movie. So, not only did this book inspire me to try a new drink but it also inspired a new Christmas tradition for me.

The second book on my Books that Inspire List is Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep, which I recently finished reading and reviewed. Following is the scene that inspired the picture of me you see on the right.

"People came rushing out of all the buildings, mouths open, eyes wide with shock. It took me a few minutes, but I finally spotted my friends among the mix. All I had to do was look for a splash of head-to-toe pink, and I saw Daphne, with the others standing beside her."-(Midnight Frost, pages 317-318)

After I finished reading the book I did Zumba and while looking through my closet I noticed that I had pink nails with a coat of the new Fuzzies nail polish, by Salley Hensen, that makes it looks as if I have sparkles. This reminded me of the pink sparks that come out of Daphne's fingertips. I also noticed that I had pink shorts and a pink shirt to wear, so I decided to dress up like Daphne in complete pink. So the picture and color of the letters is the product of my inspiration from Midnight Frost. 

The last book, for this post, that inspired me is Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This book is actually a big inspiration to why I started blogging and below is the scene that started it all:

"What are you looking at?" he asked.
"Nothing." I wen tot close the lid, but it wouldn't budge.                    "Stop using your freaking object thing  on my laptop. You're going to break it."
He cocked an amused brow and sat beside me. I still couldn't close it. And the moues wouldn't move. I couldn't even shut down the damn website. Leaning forward, Daemon titled his head to the side. "Is that you?"
"What does it look like?" I hissed
A slow smiled crept over his face. "You film yourself?"
I took a deep and slow breath. "You make it sound like I'm doing a live perv show or something."
Daemon made a sound in the back of his throat. "Is that what you're doing?"
"That was a stupid question. Can I please close it now?"
"I want to watch it."
"No!" The idea of him watching me geek out over the book I'd bough in the last week horrified me. There was no way he'd understand. 
Daemon cast me a sidelong glance. My eyes narrowed as I turned back to the screen. The little arrow moved over the page and clicked on the play button.
"I hat you and your freaky alien power," I muttered.
A few second later, the video started and there I was, in all my book nerd glory, shoving cover after cover in front of my crappy webcam. A few bookmarks showed. And i even worked in a totally cool Diet Pepsi product placement. Thank God I wasn't singing in this video.
I sat there, arms, folded, and waited for the inevitable slew of smartass comments. Never in my life did I hate Daemon more than at the moment. No one I knew in real life paid attention to my bog. Books were a passion I shared with virtual friends. -(Obsidian, Page 230-231)

This scene, though it may seem odd, inspired me to want to start a blog, even though I didn't start one 'till later. The scene gave me the first thought of starting a blog because it made me think about all the times I'd finished a really good book and I just wanted to tell someone about it but didn't have anyone to tell or I had a fangirl moment about a book but I didn't have anyone to talk to. Even though some of my friends are book nerds like me I couldn't necessarily call them up and start randomly talking about a book that they might have not read. Which is why I really related to Katy mentioning the fact that she didn't have anyone in her real life to talk to about books and why she started blogging about them. 

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