Saturday, August 3, 2013

Field Trip

Today, I took a field trip to the main library that we have here in San Francisco. What am I getting all worked about about you may ask? Well for starters it was my first time actually going to the main
library and it was HUGE!! Take a look!! I got to the library and I kind of just walked around to get myself associated with the library. I went to the second floor and I saw the kids section and I was amazed!!! It all had so much color and life that I wished I had gone there before because I may have loved to read sooner. When I was first arriving at the teen section, on the third floor, I saw a display for teen fiction books and I was already in heaven, they had books that I absolutely love, such as Blue Bloods. My sister picked up some magazines and sat at a table while I went on to explore the stacks. Boy, when I first saw all the books and aisle I was overwhelmed with happiness, as my mom described it I was like a kid in a candy store. I mean look at all the books and aisles filled with books!!! I must have looked delusional to people when I was looking at all the books while I ran my hand down the spines and read the titles. Sadly, I could only stay there for about an hour and a half, which meant that I only look through two aisles of books fully. Overall, I checked out about 5 essential books that I wanted and I put about 10 books on hold.
(Kid in a Candy Store!!!!!)

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