Monday, July 29, 2013


I'm pretty sure you're all wondering what all those random letter are and if I've gone crazy. So, after all the anticipation I'll tell you what all those random letters as the title of the post mean because I know you were dying to know. All those random letters are an acronym that I made up and it stands for Books I Didn't Really Want To Read But Read Them Anyways And Loved Them.

1) To start off I'll admit to not wanting to read The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. It was a school book and my school usually chooses really religious books, to give an example Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean. It's not that I have anything against religious books it's just that they aren't what I usually read which is YA fiction books. When I first started reading this book I wasn't really impressed but it wasn't until about the 100th or 150th page that the book started to become really interesting. It, like Poison Princess by Kresley Cole had a switching time story line. Also the book is told in Emilio's perspective and I absolutely couldn't wait to find out what his secret was. After a while the story wasn't necessarily about religion and the author's opinion about God. The author actually came to our school and we were able to ask her questions and I really enjoyed her company, she is a very spunky lady and she was very sweet. In all I ended up loving the book and it was actually the first book that made me cry, even thinking about the ending now gets me teary eyed. The story is so unbelievable sad, tender, hopeful, and amazing that I couldn't believe I didn't want to read it in the beginning.

2) I remember when I finished reading Misguided Angel, the fifth book in the series, I couldn't wait for Lost in Time to come out but when it did I didn't get it right away, since I had a hold on it in the library. Then when I finally was able to get it sent to my local library, I didn't pick it up in time and so I didn't read it. Then about a year after the book came out I still hadn't read it and I didn't really want to read it because I had forgotten the specifics of the books. Finally, I just decided to read it one day and as I was reading the book, the specific details of Misguided Angel started coming back to me and I fell in love with the characters and story line all over again. By the time I was finished with the book I couldn't believe I hadn't wanted to read it and then I couldn't wait for the last book in the series to come out. Now the next book in the series has come out and I have yet to read it, so it might turn out like Lost in Time if I don't read it soon.

3) And recently added to this list is Poison Princess, if you've seen my last post you'll know how much I put it off and how much I'm in love with the book, but for those who haven't seen it I'll recap. I had borrowed this book from my local library three times and I kept putting it off, sort of like Lost in Time. Finally, about three or four days ago offered the book for free so I decided to read it. Now I'm completely in love with the book, the characters (especially Jackson whom I called dibs on), and I can't wait until October 1st which is when the next book comes out. I guess I didn't really want to read this book because I always had other books that I wanted to read more; however, in a way I'm glad I didn't read it until now because now I have to wait less for the next book to come out than if I had read it when it first came out.

What about you? Are there any books you didn't really want to read but read them anyways and loved them? Leave a response/comment under the new 'Comments' tab!

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