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Poison Princess

Sorry for not being able to post for the past couple of days but it has just been a couple of hectic, painful, and crazy days. It all started with an emergency trip to the dentist in which I learned that I need to have a root canal (insert sarcastic yay) which then turned into me eating almost all the ice cream in the house and ended with me having to do summer homework that was due and that I had yet to start. Anyways, I didn't just post this so you could hear about my horrid day. On to the actual book reviewing post:

I had borrowed Poison Princess from my local library, I would say a total of three times and I had yet to read it until now, that offered a free read and I thought why not? Whenever I got the book from my local library I just had other books that I wanted to read more so I just never read it; although from the description it looked like a book I would really enjoy. Now that I finished reading it, however, all I have to say is “Is it October first yet? And if it isn't will it be here soon? God I can't believe I hadn't read this book sooner. I loved it. It had action, romance, jealousy, self-discovery, betrayal, and everything else you could want in a book. I have got to say that Poison Princess has an official spot in my top ten book list maybe even top five.”

Description Provided By Goodreads: Evangeline “Evie” Greene, 16, leads a charmed life until her horrifying hallucinations predict a disaster that decimates her Louisiana hometown. She joins classmate Jack - with his mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, bad attitude - and 22 other teens, as an ancient prophesy re-enacts the ultimate battle between good and evil. But who is on which side?

(First, lets start with the cover. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but look at it, it just begs someone to read the book. Anyways onto the reviewing portion of the post.)

Characters: Jackson, Jack, is gorgeous, rebellious, brooding, protective, and, gahhh, amazingly hot and everything perfect. I'm probably making no sense at all but I just loved his character, I called dibs and yes he's mine and I guess Evies. I'm willing to share (lol). He's first depicted as the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks but as the story progresses we see Jackson in a new light. Kresley Cole makes the audience forget that Jackson is from "the wrong side of the tracks" and instead makes the audience fall in love with his character right along with Evie. He's protective of those he loves and cares about and if you get a chance to read the book you'll  look forward to those moments of tenderness when his walls break down and he reveals what's going on inside that perceptive and gorgeous head of his.

The other character I loved was Evie. I loved Evie's character because she transformed, literally and figuratively, though out the book. She went from a helpless "little doll", as Jackson calls her, to the awesome kickass Empress she was meant to be, as she put it, "the little doll's got teeth. I always love a strong heroine character in books, it makes the story more interesting and it makes girls look less hopeless, and Evie did not disappoint in this book.

Story line: The story line was amazing because it was different from all other books I have read. It starts out in the present and Evie talks about her past and the events leading up to the apocalypse and the days after, that led her to Arthur's house. With this type of story line it constantly makes you wonder, at least for me, what happened to the rest of her companions since in the present she is all by herself telling her story to Arthur? I also loved the story line because while it did switch time perspectives it didn't do it for every chapter which made the story flow better and it made it more understandable. 

Overall: I absolutely love this book and the characters in it. I can't wait for the next book to come out in October 1st. 

Rating: I would give this book a 10, I would go higher but I  don't want to mess with the 0-10 scale.

About the Author:
Kresley COle is the #1 New York Time and Publisher Weekly bestselling author of the Immortals After Dark paranormal series. Her IAD books have been translated into seventeen foreign languages, garnered two RITA awards, and consistently appear on bestseller lists in the United States and abroad. Poison Princess is her first young adult novel. She invites you to visit her at and

Also: since I didn't post in a while look forward to a surprise under the contact me tab coming really soon (later on in the day).

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