Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Comic Books

Today I was waiting for an appointment at the dentist and I was looking at an Entertainment magazine that had an inside look at Comic Con, which I totally wanted to go to with my sister. Anyways while reading the magazine I came upon the picture you see below and I got the brilliant idea to do a post on comic books; more accurately the movies and t.v. series made from these comic books.

While I have never actually read a comic book before, except an educational one for school which I do not count, I love watching Thor, Captain America, Arrow on the CW, the X-Men movies, the Wolverine movies, the Iron Man movies, and so many other comic book inspired movies.

The X-Men Movies:

The X-Men comic books first came out in 1963 and it is a comic book of Marvel. There are currently two versions of the X-Men out in movies, one where the heros and villains of X-Men are younger and the other when they are older. I personally really love X-Men: First Class, the version where they are younger. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Micheal Fassbender and the bro-mance between Magneto and Professor X.

Captain America:
The first Captain America comic book came out in 1941 and these comic books are part of Marvel as well. Captain America is considered the first Avenger and I loved the movie. I have seen the movie about 12 times and I still get anticipation every time I see it. I love the Peggy in the movie because she is such a strong character and doesn't need a man to defend her. Plus Chris Evans is nice to look at, I always go into fangirl mode after he gets the injections and comes out all superhero like.

Arrow is a series on the CW based on the comic books. I absolutely love this series since they started announcing it. The story line is so dramatic and it keeps you in suspense because the writers don't tell you what happened to Oliver on the island all at once but only give you small snippets. Plus there's so much betrayal and lies that I can't wait for the second season to come out.

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