Monday, July 22, 2013

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Movies Based on Books

In between doing summer homework, reading schoolbooks, and taking a movie day yesterday I haven’t been able to finish a book to review. That’s why I’ve decided that for today’s post to do it on movies that are based on books.

The Hunger Games: I read the whole series before the movie came out and the day that the movie came out my friends and I went to watch it. Most people are disappointed after going to see a movie that they had read the book it was based on but I wasn't for this one. I really enjoyed the movie because, I thought, that they pretty much stuck to the book. There were minor details that were off and the ending, which I won't give away incase anyone hasn't seen the movie yet. However, I actually like the ending in the movie better than the one in the book, it's how I would have like the book to end. In all the movie was great and I even bought it in DVD. I will also be looking forward to seeing the next movie soon.
Flipped: I read this book when I was in seventh grade and I loved it. The story, as the title suggests, flips. It's about a girl who likes a boy, who in turn doesn't like her. Then the boy likes the girl but she's angry and over him. I didn't even know that the book had been made into a movie until a while ago and who I saw it in the library I knew I had to see it. This movie came out in 2010 and I seriously recommend you see it, it very much sticks to the book as well. Plus, the ending is great and very unexpected.

The Host: While I read this book I did not see the movie. I really enjoyed the book, more than twilight, even though it had unnecessarily long details. I wanted to see the movie but for some reason or another I just never got around to seeing it. I'll definitely see it when it come out on DVD and I hope it'll live up to my expectations.

Beautiful Creatures: I read the book as well but just like The Host I didn't see the movie. After reading the first three books in the series and Lena still not choosing sides, I felt as if the books were just dragging. This is why I never got around to seeing the movie; however, I would like to see the movie when it come out in DVD. I really hope that it's better than the book.

Significance: When I first got this book I didn't even know what it was about, I read this book because of the guy on the cover. I know, (insert sarcasm) great reason to read a book. However, after the first chapter I couldn't get enough of this book. Yes, it's a little bit sappy and when the movie comes out it might be a chick flick (whatever that is). The book does have some action though and Jeremy Sumpter is playing Caleb, one of the main characters, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie.

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters: I absolutely love this book. The characters are unique, complex, and have awesome personalities. I have very big expectations for this movie and expectations for the actors and actresses portraying the characters. As the time approaches for the movie, you'll definitely see more posts for this and I encourage everyone to read the book and/or see the movie when it comes out.

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