Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book TV

From one of my past posts you know that books inspire movies but books also inspire shows. Here are some my favorite shows that books have inspired:

(The Vampire Diaries on the CW)
Reasons why I watch the TV show while I already read the books:
1) Stefan!! He is GORGEOUS!! I mean have you seen Paul Wesley?!
2) Klaus!! He is GORGEOUS as well!!!
3) Even though I read the books I'm still surprised by what goes on
4) As my sister and best friend would argue Ian Somerhalder. He's okay but he's just not Stefan
5) I love the romance and drama that goes on in this series

(The Secret Circle on the CW)
Although I didn't read the series my friend, who had read it, told me it was really good, so I decided to see the show. At the beginning I really liked it and kept up with it but as school came into the picture along with all my other shows, such as Suits and Covert Affairs, I just couldn't keep up with the show. Eventually I feel so far behind that the season had ended and I had only watched about 5 episodes. The show got cancelled and I didn't even finish the first series; however, I would like to see it fully one day.

(Grimm on NBC)
Grimm as you can tell my the series name is based on the Grimms' fairy tales. I love this series because it's a new take on the fairy tales that we thought we knew. I also love the graphics that they use for these fairy tale creatures. Plus add action, romance, secrets, lies, betrayal, and I'm a sucker for this show. Plus Nick isn't that bad looking either (hint he's the one holding the axe).

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